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11/2019 Stefan Fischer and I are organizing a Workshop on Moral Terms, Slurs, and Hybrid Expressivism with David Copp (UC Davies) at the University of Konstanz. 

11/2019  Paper has been accepted

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Universität Konstanz

Fachbereich Philosophie

Postfach 9

78457 Konstanz


Freie Universität Berlin

Institut für Philosophie

Habelschwerdter Allee 30

14195 Berlin



I have taught more than 40 courses/lectures at the philosophy departments of the University of Konstanz, the University of Bonn, the University of Cologne, Humboldt-University Berlin and Freie Universität Berlin. The courses covered various topics in theoretical philosophy, aesthetics and history of philosophy.  Additionally, I have supervised more than 30 BA- and MA-Theses. 

In 2019 and 2015 I received the LUKS Teaching Award (University of Konstanz).

Courses Taught



Knowledge and Language/ Erkenntnis und Sprache

(winter term 2021) University Cologne

Skepticism / Skeptizismus

(winter term 2020) Humboldt-University Berlin

Introduction to epistemology / Kernkurs Erkenntnistheorie

(summer term 2019) University of Konstanz & (summer term 2020) Humboldt-University Berlin.

Logic and formal semantics / Logisch-Semantische Propädeutik 

(winter term 2018) University of Konstanz

Introduction to philosophy of language / Kernkurs Sprachphilosophie

(winter term 2014) University of Konstanz

Undergraduate seminars/ Proseminare

Beauty and Aesthetic Values / Schönheit und ästhetische Werte

(winter 2021) University Cologne

Nelson Goodman's Theory of Symbols / Nelson Goodmans Symboltheorie

(winter 2020) Humboldt-University Berlin

The concept of art / Der Begriff der Kunst

(summer 2020) Humboldt-University Berlin & (winter 2019), University of Konstanz

Descartes: Meditations / Descartes: Meditationen über die Grundlagen der Philosophie 

(winter 2019) University of Konstanz & (summer 2017) Freie Universität Berlin

Meaning in music / Sinn und Bedeutung in der Musik

(summer 2019), University of Konstanz

Dispositions and response-dependency / Dispositionen und Reaktionsabhängigkeit

(winter 2018), University of Konstanz & (summer term 2018) Freie Universität Berlin

Contemporary debates in epistemology / Zeitgenöss. Debatten in der Erkenntnistheorie

(winter 2017) Freie Universität Berlin

Kripke: Naming and Necessity / Kripke: Name und Notwendigkeit

(summer 2020) Humboldt-University Berlin) & (winter 2016), Freie Universität Berlin & (summer term 2014) University of Konstanz)

Non-Cognitivism / Non-Kognitivismus

(winter 2015) Freie Universität Berlin

Conceptual Analysis / Begriffsanalyse

(summer 2015) University of Konstanz

Contemporary debates in philosophy of art / Zeitgenöss. Debatten in der Philosophie der Kunst

(winter 2013) University of Konstanz

The analytic-synthetic distinction / Die Analytisch-Synthetisch Unterscheidung

(summer 2013) University of Konstanz

Speech-act theory / Sprechakttheorie

(winter 2012) University of Konstanz

Philosophy of language / Sprachphilosophie

(summer 2012) University of Konstanz

Skepticism / Skeptizismus

(winter 2011) University of Konstanz

Introdution to the philosophy of mind / Einführung in die Philosophie des Geistes

(summer 2011) University of Konstanz

Russell: Problems of philosophy / Russell: Probleme der Philosophie

(winter 2010) University of Konstanz

Theories of truth / Wahrheitstheorien

(summer 2010) University of Bonn

Graduate seminars/ Hauptseminare

Interdisciplinary Research Colloquium, a.r.t.e.s graduate school,

(winter 2021) University Cologne

Semantic Relativism and Assessment-Sensitivity

(winter 2020) Humboldt-Universiy Berlin

Aesthetic Judgments / Ästhetische Urteile

(summer 2020) Humboldt-University Berlin

Two-dimensional semantics / Zweidimensionale Semantik

(winter 2019) University of Konstanz

Inference to the best explanation / Schluss auf die beste Erklärung

(winter 2019) University of Konstanz

Kant: Critique of pure reason / Kant: Die Kritik der reinen Vernunft

(summer term 2019) University of Konstanz

Skeptical paradoxes / Skeptische Paradoxa

(winter 2018) University of Konstanz & (summer 2014) University of Konstanz

Epistemic aims and values / Epistemische Ziele und Werte

(summer 2018), Freie Universität Berlin

Crispin Wright: Truth and Objectivity

(winter 2017), Freie Universität Berlin

Relativism and assessment sensitivity

(winter 2016), Freie Universität Berlin & (summer 2011) University of Konstanz

Artefacts / Artefakte

(summer 2016) University of Konstanz

What is art? / Was ist Kunst?

(summer 2015) University of Konstanz

New theories of reference / Neue Theorien der Bezugnahme

(winter 2013) Freie Universität Berlin

Timothy Williamson: The philosophy of philosophy

(summer 2013) University of Konstanz

David Chalmers: The conscious mind

(winter 2012) University of Konstanz

Philosophy of music / Philosophie der Musik

(summer 2012) University of Konstanz

Nelson Goodman: Languages of art

(winter 2011) University of Konstanz

Contextualism / Kontextualismus

(summer 2011) University of Konstanz

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