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5.-7. August 2022. Art, Knowledge, and Art-Mediation. documenta fifteen, Kassel 

Is art conducive to our epistemic goals (truth, knowledge, understanding) and if so, how? These questions and various answers to them are widely discussed in philosophical aesthetics. However, too little attention is paid in these discussions to the fact that different responses to these questions have consequences for the cultural practices of art education, art mediation and art curating. This conference will give philosophers, art educators and curators the opportunity for a scholarly exchange concerning the topic "art and knowledge."

Our choice of conference venue is intentional. documenta takes place every five years in Kassel, Germany, and is one of the largest and most renowned international exhibitions of contemporary art. In addition to the attempt to provide a representative exhibition with regard to new developments in contemporary art, documenta also traditionally focuses on innovative approaches with respect to exhibition formats and art mediation. It, therefore, offers an ideal context for interdisciplinary collaborations between disciplines with interests relevant to the conference's topic.


In light of the recent events at this year's documenta fifteen, which involved the exhibition of a painting with anti-Semitic imagery, the conference will place additional emphasis on the relationship between art and political or moral insight. Scholars affiliated with the conference have already undertaken discussions with artists, curators, and Jewish representatives in response to these events. For more information on the controversy surrounding documenta fifteen, see:

A press statement by ruangrupa (the artistic directors of documenta fifteen) can be found here:













Art Mediation:

Ayşe Güleç (Activist, documenta fifteen)

Tyuki Imamura (Philosopher, Curatorial Assistant, documenta fifteen)

Gila Kolb (Art Mediator, Bern University of the Arts/Schwyz University of Teacher Education)

Nora Sternfeld (Curator, Art Mediator, HFBK Hamburg)

Jelena Toopeekoff (Philosopher, Art Mediator, documenta fifteen)


ruangrupa (Art Collective, Artistic Directors, documenta fifteen)



Jochen Briesen (Epistemology/Aesthetics, University of Konstanz/FU Berlin) 

Adriana Clavel Vazquez (Aesthetics/Philosophy of Mind, University of Oxford)

Joerg Fingerhut (Philosophy of Mind/Cognitive Science, LMU Munich)

Nicola Mößner (Social Epistemology/Philosophy of Science, University of Stuttgart)

Nils-Hennes Stear (Aesthetics/Ethics, University of Hamburg)

Info_Sheet: here 

Program: here


Supported by: German Research Foundation (DFG), Thyssen Foundation


Contact: jochen[dot]briesen[at]uni-konstanz[dot]de

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